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Angela Duignan

Meet The Team

My name is Angela Duignan, and I am the owner of The Natural Way. I am passionate about Complementary and Alternative Therapies and the benefits they can bring to a person. In setting up this business for you all I had one main mission to fulfill, the Natural Way Mission Statement...

"Affordable Complementary and Alternative Therapies for All!"

So with this in mind I have created the Natural Way Multi-Buys for you. I am confident that if you join Natural Way and receive regular treatments, you will feel the benefits within the first couple of months if not much sooner! So why not give it a try, there is no commitment to it! This has never been done before within Complementary and Alternative Therapies but I'm happy to be the first to break the mould if it means more people can receive the benefits of a regular treatment.

My opinion of Complementary and Alternative Therapies

Life now can be difficult and stressful. The environment we're surrounded by in our day to day lives, combined with the emotional and physical pressures that are put on us can cause much damage to our body and mind. The benefits of a regular complementary or alternative therapy can be huge and remedy many ailments, from insomnia to aches and pains, to stress both emotionally or physically.

You don't have to be unwell to benefit from a treatment, many sports men, professionals, parents, retired people, in fact almost everyone can benefit from a treatment to help maintain their wellbeing. Benefits include increasing circulation, keeping muscles supple and toned, calming and clearing of the mind and unwinding from a busy day.

I never cease to be fascinated by the human body and how amazing and strong it can be,
how it works to self heal and fight infections. Your body can also have a drastic affect on your mood and in fact your mood can physically affect your body.The environment a person is in can also have an impact on them in many unseen ways. It's all truly amazing. I believe my therapies can benefit a person because they look at each individual person as a whole, this is where the word Holistic comes from. Not to see an ailment and treat it as an isolated case, but to look at the person and understand them and how they are entirely, both emotionally and physically. It is very important to understand a persons lifestyle and how this can be affecting their mind and body.

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